Smokers may have more sleep problems:study



Smokers may get fewer hours of sleep and have less restful slumber than non-smokers, according to a German study that looked at more than two thousand people.


Researchers whose work appeared in the journal Addiction Biology found that of nearly 1,100 smokers surveyed, 17 percent got fewer than six hours of sleep each night and 28 percent reported "disturbed" sleep quality.


That compared with rates of seven percent and 19 percent respectively among more than 1,200 non-smokers who were also surveyed, said lead researcher Stefan Cohrs, of Charite Berlin medical school in Germany.


The findings cannot prove that smoking directly impairs sleep, since smokers may have other habits that could affect their shut-eye such as staying up late to watch TV or getting little exercise.



slumber:名詞,睡眠。例句:I didn’t want to rouse you from your slumbers.(我不願意把你從睡夢中叫醒。)

respectively:副詞,分別地。例句:In the 200 metres, Lizzy and Sarah came first and third respectively.(在200公尺項目,麗茲與莎拉分別跑第一與第三。)

stay up:片語,熬夜。例句:We stayed up (late) to watch a film.(我們熬夜看電影。)

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