Hundreds of racing pigeons vanish in ’Bermuda triangle’ of birds 


Pigeon racers are mystified after hundreds birds disappeared in an area they have now dubbed the Bermuda Triangle.


Only 13 out of 232 birds released in Thirsk , North Yorkshire, on Saturday by a Scottish pigeon racing club made it back to Galashiels, Selkirkshire. It follows a summer on which hundred more have vanished in the same area.


Keith Simpson, of the East Cleveland Federation, said pigeon racers across the region had all suffered massive losses since the season started in April - with many losing more than half of their birds.


Some fanciers are considering stopping flying the birds until they establish why so many failed to return.


The loss of homing pigeons, which can be worth up to £200,000, has baffled experts, but the most popular theory is the abnormal number of summer showers, sending birds off course as they attempt to fly around the downpours.


Unusually high levels of solar activity distorting magnetic fields and even signals from Menwith Hill spy base, near Harrogate , an electronic monitoring station, have also been blamed.



mystify︰動詞,意指使大感驚奇、大惑不解。形容詞為mystified。例句︰She had a mystified look on her face.(她的臉上有困惑的表情。)

off course:片語,偏離航線。例句:Strong cross-winds blew the aircraft off course. (強勁的側風把飛機吹得偏離了航線。)

baffle:動詞,使困惑、難住、阻撓。例句︰We have imaged that he will try all he can to baffle us.(我們早就料到他會使盡全力阻撓我們。)

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